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The Cause Of Acne In The Neck And The Choice Way To Handle It


In the part of the body, grows acne can interfere with. Including when suffering from acne on the neck. For the important thing is to know the cause and how to overcome pimples on the neck which precisely.

Acne usually appears when someone stepped on the age of the teenager. However, in some people with certain conditions, acne will still appear once step on age 30 to 40s.Generally, acne will appear on face. However, don’t rare about the appear of acne on the buttocks, chest, shoulders and including acne on the neck.

Factors Triggers

Acne breakouts usually happen when the pores are clogged. However, on the acne on the neck can be caused because of various factors. Such a habit is not cleaning the neck regularly especially when sweat can trigger acne breakouts on the neck.

Then, acne on the neck can also be triggered the use of hair products, moisturizer, sunscreen and make up able to clog the production of oil on the body. Because of that, in choosing a product make up is recommended to avoid make up with oil policy to avoid the blockage of pores which causes acne breakouts.

In addition, acne on the neck can also be affected by the long hair that come into contact with the neck or hormonal changes, stress, diet, drugs and hereditary factors.

Using Medication Acne

Some types of medicine acne can be purchased independently, without a doctor’s prescription. Even so, You regularly have to beware of its use, and it would be better if consulted with the doctor skin first, apply the avoid effects that are not desired such as allergy or irritation. Products cure acne this can usually shaped cream, gel, lotion and others. Before using, read the instructions on how to use it with care.

  • Benzoil peroxide

Benzoil peroxide is capable of eradicating the bacteria the cause of acne, thus helping to relieve inflammation. Yet at the beginning of the usage, maybe the acne will look worse before it gets better. Skin oiled can be redness and peeling. To get the result, You need to be patient and use it with the routine for a few weeks.

  • Salicylic acid

In mild acne, salicylic acid helps open the pores clogged and prevent the occurrence of lesions or wounds on the skin. It’s just, skin can become dry and can happen peeling of the skin after using this medicine.

  • Sulfur

Sulfur helps overcome pores are clogged and fight the bacteria that become the cause of acne.

On acne worse, chances are You need to use cure acne based on a doctor’s prescription. A drug given can be either a drug oles, the potion drunk, or therapy care of the other. Drug acne should be through a doctor’s prescription include topical antibiotics and oral such as clindamycin and erythromycin, retinoidisotretinoin, acid azelaik, and some another drug.

Harness The Natural Ingredients

Don’t just use drugs, there are options to overcome acne on the neck and on the body of the other, with the natural ingredients that it is believed can overcome the acne, such as:

  • Grapes

The fruit of the vine can be used as a facial cleanser natural. Enough get some fresh grapes and cut it into two parts. After that, rub on the face slowly. Then rinse with cold water to clean it. Nourishment of the vine this can be attempted, even before there is evidence of clinical enough to prove his ability in dealing with acne effectively.

  • Ice stone

You are able to compress the acne that is inflamed use an ice cube. Yet, avoid to put ice directly on the face. Wrap the ice with a cloth before the compress. Though not proven to act as a remover of acne, but the ice stone provides temperature conditioning directly at the area of acne, which is supposed to help reduce redness and swelling from acne. Make sure the surface of the skin, the cloth and the ice stone used in a clean state.

  • Honey

Take the benefits of the honey by applying honey on the skin with acne and let stand for 30 minutes. After that, rinse with warm water first and rinse them back with cold water so that the pores closed back. Well, before applying it to the face, it is recommended to wash the face first use warm water to open pores. Make sure that the type of honey used natural, and contains no additives. Based on research, the use of honey this does not give the significant result in treating acne, yet You can still give it a try.

  • Lemon

The benefits of lemon pregnancy acid citrate and acid ascorbate, which serves as an antioxidant and astringent natural, so believed to be able to cope with acne, even so, still need to do more research to prove its effectiveness. To try to overcome the acne, rub lemon juice on the face using a cotton and let stand for a night. Then, wash the face next morning. Be careful if You have skin that is sensitive, because it might just be irritation on the skin.

  • Cucumber

Mix one cucumber small and 1 cup of oatmeal to form a pasta. After that mix the return with 1 teaspoon of yoghurt and apply to face. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse. For a more modest way, You are able to crush a gourd intact and take the water. After that add a tablespoon of sugar and stir well. Apply on the face and leave for 10 minutes and rinse with cold water. These materials still need research clinical to be able to proved its usefulness in overcoming acne.

  • Vinegar of apple cider

Vinegar of apple cider is believed to be expectant acid the alpha hydroxy that is often used in medicine acne sold in the market. To overcome acne using vinegar of apple cider, You can mix apple-cider with water, by comparison pengenceran 1:4. Apply to entire face and neck using cotton. The benefits of vinegar apple cider against acne specifically, still need more research. Caution in its use, especially if Your skin belongs to sensitive.

  • Garlic

Puree the garlic with the water to be pasta. After that, apply on the skin that have acne blemishes, and wash after five minutes. Garlic is known pregnancy antibiotic natural to expect can help overcome acne. Even so, the use of garlic has not had evidence of clinical strong in overcoming acne, and when the skin feels hot or redness then immediately stop its use, it may indicate the occurrence of irritation on the skin.

Should be understood, that the use of natural ingredients above, can not replace the function of drugs acne provided by Your doctor, and its use also need to be considered with the good, especially when You have a history of allergy or sensitive skin.

Dial acne on the neck is not recommended, because this will only make acne worse and can cause the onset of scar tissue. In addition, pemencetan acne can also make the acne contaminated by bacteria from the hands. This then can cause infection in acne.

Konsultasikanlah advance on the doctor about the use of drugs or natural ingredients to overcome the acne on the neck and the rest of the body, in order that the result obtained correspond to Your expectations.

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