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Your Children Fussy Eaters? Try This Trick


Child closes mouth when being fed food or kids who just want to eat one type of food for days, probably not a new story for the old man. The face of that sort of thing, the elderly can not lose dodgy with kids.

Generally, the inconvenience of eating is experienced after the kids stepped on the age of one year. When the child’s growth is slowed down if compared to previous time. It is also lowering appetite. So often times the look is a child eat a little more.

Recognize Problems Trouble Eating

When children refuse to eat and disikapi are confused by the older people, it can trigger an unpleasant atmosphere and full of stress for both parties. That’s why, the intentions of the old man in giving the best nutrition should be accompanied with thoroughness to see the condition of the child.

The following are some of the problems that frequently arise, in connection with the behavior of hard to eat.

  • Refuse to eat

For children, eating is a skill newly learned. Handle he wants to enter the mouth to be very important. No wonder if some children could spend a provided by the old man on the first day, but pushed on the next morning. When his mind changed, then so also appetite eat.

Advice: Children usually eat what it needs. When for one day, Your child is completely refusing to eat, don’t lost patience. Compared turn away with the intake of calories less for the day, You’d better count asupannya for one week previous. Often times the old man felt surprised that the food intake of her son actually has been fulfilled.

  • Just choose certain foods

For children aged three years and below, consuming solid foods is a new thing. Required time so that they get used to the vagaries of color, flavor and texture. This time children also learn to be independent and decide its own preferences, including what food it goes into her mouth..

Suggestion : Introduce the new food slowly. Having served some time, kids usually are attracted to mengonsumsinya. Vegetables are one of the types of food that are often pushed children. Serve one kind of vegetable, so that children are not confused. Enable meal times not near bed time, because feeling tired can also affect the reluctance of children to try new foods.

  • Just want fast food

Fast food which is very well-liked children usually who are pregnant sugar or high fat, with the nutritional content of the low. Like, candy, potato chips, or carbonated beverages.

Advice: Don’t keep fast food in Your home. Prepare food more healthy which can be more easily diraihnya. Serve melon with a mixture of yogurt, or fruit juice decorated strawberries or sliced bananas on it. Bananas or tubers are steamed also can be an alternative substitute fried potatoes.

  • Refusing to eat after yesterday a lot of eating

This is very common in children age 12 months to three years. According to nutrition experts, the elderly do not need to exaggerate this. The children are able to recognize the feeling of hunger, sometimes better than adults. There are times when the appetite of the kids look great, then the opposite occurs in the next day. This is very desirable.

Suggestion: the elderly should avoid the self-torture to force a child to eat at the moment. Specify a time limit for Your child consuming food that has been prepared. Ask the child to eat does not exceed the time limit You specify.

  • Eat one type of food just

Not something strange if suddenly Your child for a few days or a matter of weeks, just want to eat one type of food. One of the reason is children are attracted by food it feels like he already know. It’s just that, patterns of consumptions like that often times make old man confused.

Advice: older People should remain calm and keep offering other food options, without forcing. For children who are already larger, You can arrange a strategy with her to the supermarket. Ask him to choose two types of fruit, two kinds of vegetable, or one kind of snack. Upon arrival at home, take her to complete the food before mengonsumsinya.

  • Refuse food/favorite drink of the sudden

Can vegetables be one of the types of food that hungrily consumed the Small, yet one day he suddenly refused. Or maybe the child suddenly no longer want to drink milk commonly consumed every day.

Advice: Don’t panic, it may be only temporary. But could be a problem, if the old man wrong answer. When kids push today, then doesn’t mean he will not love forever. Just keep offering the food that pushed children on the next day. If children refuse to drink milk, should elderly people give intake of nutrients that pregnant milk, such as yogurt or cheese. Or if the children refuse the vegetable, balance the intake of nutrients from fruits for a while.

Create a Pleasant Dining Atmosphere

For the kids, meals included in the process of learning and exploration. To help publish the appetite of the child, the parents can do activities such as:

  • Hold events to feed the family with the routine. Let children see You consuming the diverse type of food and commented positively against it.
  • Get used to the feeding time consistent, that is three times main meals and two meals a snack every day. Limit your time around 30 minutes for every meal.
  • Let the child eat independently. For food practical can be held and inserted into the child’s mouth easily.
  • Give only 1-2 types of food on the kids meal. Provided in the portion small.
  • Use equipment fed with pictures and colorful attractive.
  • Invite other children to eat together. Kids tend to eat more when with a companion peer.
  • Keep a television, games, pets and the things that influence attention when you eat.
  • Involve the children when the processing of the food served. From buy, cleaning to cooking and serves to push her more in the mood.

To ensure the adequacy of nutrition, children, older people able to make posts. Write the rest of the food and beverages consumed kids for a week. Check if the child has received the intake from the four groups of nutrients the main is carbohydrates, proteins, milk products, fruits and vegetables. If Your child is still consuming food from each of the clusters nutrition, then You don’t have to worry.

But if You still haven’t convinced against the intake of nutrients the child or cause the child’s weight difficult increases, then it is recommended for You to consult directly to anutritionists or a doctor specialist the child.

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