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The Double Eyelid Surgery To Beautify Themselves


There’s an old saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul” or “a woman’s beauty seen from the highlights of his eyes”. In between the society, women are considered to have points ideal are those that are large-eyed and have the folds of the eyelids.

The assumption that take the heat off a sense of confidence some women have the eye slant. However, the owner of the eyes slant is not have to lower themselves because there’s the technique of double eyelid surgery can enhance the appearance of Your.

The medical term for double eyelid surgery is blepharoplasty or commonly also called an eye liftThis operation can make the eyes look bigger and highlights the folds of Your eyelids.

Not only that, the operation of the eyelids can also make You look younger because getting to that age, the tissue in the eyelids will be weakened and lose elastisitasnya. This causes a buildup of skin tissue as in muscle and fat in the eyelids the top and the bottom.

Not only the age factor, the skin of the eyelids that sag also caused by hereditary factors.

In addition, eye lift can also improve the skin tissue sagging at the bottom of Your eyes or get rid of bag eyes.

The Process Of The Operation Of The Eyelid

Before the operation the enlargement of the eye or the manufacture of the folds of the eyelids done, the surgeon will perform the anesthetic or inject a local anesthetic at the area of the eye.

Further a surgeon can make an incision following the line of the eyelashes. Through the incision the surgeon will mengeliminasi the advantages of skin, muscle and fat on the area. So, the eye will automatically look bigger and no folds.

In addition to this way, the surgeon can make an incision following the line of experience Your upper eyelids. After that she will separate the skin from the tissue underneath, then mengeliminasi the advantages of skin, fat, and muscle in the area.

The Area that has been slashed was then glued together with the thread of the sewing operation. Stitches in eyelid this will last for three days to a week.

The above process also occurs if You want to get rid of the skin of the upper eyelid sagging.

For those of You who want to get rid of sagging skin on the upper eyelids, the process can be done, that surgeon will make an incision that is not visible in the lower eyelid. Then he will disguise fine lines using C02 and erbium lasers.

If You improve the mesh sagging skin on the eyelids top and bottom in the same time, the surgeon will do the top part first. The estimated time the working of the eyelids the top and the bottom is around two hours.

Read this Before Beautify Your Eyelids

There are things You need to do before undergoing the operation the eyelids apply avoid things that are not desired when operating.

  • You will meet with the surgeon and the specialist of the eye to talk to the narration of Your health. On this occasion, say with honest-frankly the condition of Your health. Say if You ever had or are suffering from allergies, dry eyes, glaucoma, problems in the thyroid or diabetes. You should also tell them what’s been Your consumption such as drugs, supplements, medicine herbs, vitamins, cigarettes, or liquor.
  • Stop smoking a few weeks before the operation to use to accelerate the healing of wounds.
  • You should also stop consuming the drugs specific at least 14 days before and after the operation. Drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, or a potion of herbs that can increase bleeding.
  • Examination of the physical points such as the test production of tears, the vision test and measurement of the eyelids will also be performed. In addition, the petals of Your eyes will also be photographed from various sides.

You should also be ready to accept all the risks that can happen as a result of the operation of the eyelids. The possible risk could happen is:

  • Happened infection.
  • Bleeding.
  • Dry eye or teriritasi.
  • Hard to turn a blind eye.
  • There are cuts on the eyes.
  • The eye muscles are injured.
  • Change the color of the eyelids.
  • Temporary loss of vision or it could be permanent, though rarely happened.

In addition to the factors above, You should also complete a certain amount of funds that are not little because of the operation eyelid its purpose for beauty is not covered by insurance. However, there are some insurance policy which gives the facility of plastic surgery on his client if the case was related to health problems.

You should also set aside a proposal because You may need an extension operation to perfect the look of Your eyelids.

Tips After Undergoing The Operation

The same as the operation in general, operation of the eyelids will definitely make You uncomfortable. after the operation You may experience pain on the eyes. So make sure You bring someone who can drive You back home. Ask about someone to accompany You for a night over the operation.

In addition to the pain, You could also experience swelling and bruises on the area of the eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, eyes sensitive to light, or the eyelids numb.

To deal with the pain and help healing, You can do things below:

  • Compress Your eyes use a cold towel to reduce swelling.
  • Clean Your eyelids gently, then use eyedrops or ointment has been prescribed.
  • Use glasses black to protect the eyelid skin from the sun’s rays, dust and wind.
  • Sleep position with the head higher than the chest for several days.
  • Avoid doing heavy athletics, swimming, aerobics, jogging, heavy lifting, pushing, eye rubbing, smoke, or wearing contact lenses.
  • Avoid drugs such as ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, and drugs can increase bleeding.

Usually Your eyelids will look normal in a week or two.

The operation of the eyelid can make the look of Your eyes become larger, have folds and also looks far more youthful instantaneously. However, You should be ready about the risk You can accept. Consult farther to the surgeon You if you want to do double eyelid surgery.

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