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Identify The Causes And How To Treat Nail Fungus


If You have a white or yellow at the tip of the nail of a finger or thumb nail, so it is nail fungus or in medical language is called onychomycosisIf the infection the more it spreads, the nail can change color, thicken, and crumble at the edges.

Nail fungus usually infects the hard material forming the nail. This infection itself can spread to the entire nail, including grounding, slabs, and roots of the nails.

Identify The Cause Of Nail Fungus

The cause of the disorder on the nails is fungi dermatophytes. In addition, yeast fungi (candida) are sometimes partly responsible for the occurrence of onychomycosis. When the condition of the nail is warm and moist, the fungus will gladly make Your nails as their habitat.

Nail fungus often affects the toe nails compared to the finger of the hand. This is because the toes are in a condition that makes mushrooms easy to grow, such as dark, warm, and humid.

In addition, the toe has a blood flow less than the fingers of the hand. Thus, the immune system can not detect the presence of a problem and can’t stop the infection that occurs in the area quickly.

Some of the actions that affect easy nail fungus attack the toe are:

  • Has damage on the skin or nails.
  • Being in moist environments.
  • Wear shoes that make your feet feel hot and sweaty.
  • Routine wear cosmetics on the nails or false nails.
  • Often nail-biting.
  • Too frequent hand washing or contact with water for a long time.
  • Have poor health or suffer from diabetes or psoriasis. Psoriasis is a disease characterized by skin cells grow too quickly so as to form patches on the surface of the skin is thick and reddish or white.

How Do I Treat It?

There are several ways that You can do yourself at home to cope with nail fungus.

  • Using antifungal

If the signs of the white already appear in the nails, wash your nails and dry it. Next, apply antifungal ointment. If the legs are attacked, give the powder or spray antifungal and make sure the foot always clean and dry.

  • Wear balm

Although there are no studies that prove medically, but the balm is believed to overcome the problem of nail fungus, in particular a balm VapoRub. But before You apply the balm every day by using a cotton swab on the affected nail, You should consult first with the doctor.

  • Cut and thins the nail

Cutting and diluting the nails will help a drug that is used to absorb the deeper. This technique also reduces the pressure of the nail so pain is reduced. You can apply a cream containing urea on the nails are thick because of the mushroom, wrap with a bandage, then leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse with water and soap. It is useful to make the nail more software so easy to cut and thinned.

If the above measures are still not effective make nails free from fungal infections, then immediately contact your doctor. Some of the actions that may be performed doctor, among others:

  • Prescribe antifungal drugs to be taken

To replace the infected nails by a fungus with a new nail, the doctor is likely to prescribe antifungal drugs. The healing process of nail fungus with this type of drug usually takes about four months. Time as long as it takes to get the nails free of fungus and grow perfectly.

  • Give the drug in the form of nail Polish

Other drugs that may be prescribed, a doctor is nail Polish that has antifungal properties. Antifungal nail paint is commonly called ciclopirox. Its purpose is to coat the nail and around the nail infected. At the beginning of usage, the nail Polish will be left for seven days before cleaning with alcohol. Furthermore, use antifungal nail paint this should be done every day for a year until the nails are free of fungus actually obtained.

  • Giving the drug form of creams

Other treatment that can be done is by using antifungal creams. Its use is done by way of rubbed on the infected nail. Make sure the nails are soaked and thinned before the cream is applied. Thinning of nails is necessary so that the antifungal cream is easy to penetrate the layers of the nail so that the fungus more easily removed.

  • Operation takedown nail

The takedown of the infected nail fungi will be recommended the doctor if it is causing pain that is not bearable. With the dismissal of the infected nail, new nail will then grow in the same place. The healing process with this method can take up to a year until the new nail grows perfectly.

  • Laser therapy

One of the modern methods that can be carried out, i.e. wear of laser therapy. Unfortunately, despite the promising better results, but its effectiveness still requires more research. Lucky, there have been studies beginning that mentions that the use of this therapy combined with antifungal cream to effectively treat nail fungus..

Of course all the above process does not need to happen if You pay attention to hygiene nail feet and hands early on. Therefore, the nail fungus very closely related to hygiene.

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