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Keep This In Mind Before Choosing A Baby Sitter


Every parent of course want your Little one treated with full compassion and attention. But not rarely, both parents have to work outside the home so need help in keeping The Little guy. Handed parenting and babysitting The Little one on the baby sitter or babysitter, now many be the perfect parent.

Actually in addition baby sitter, a parent can utilize daycare or a designated baby-sit. The advantages of using the services of a baby sitter is The Little one will get full attention and are more easily supervised and met their needs in the home environment stable. In addition, the baby sitter can also help usher in and accompany The Little guy while watching him when doing activities outside the home. It’s just the cost of a baby sitter may be relatively more expensive than daycare. Then if the baby sitter is sick or absent, then the routines and activities of children can be disturbed.

Make Sure The Baby Sitter According To The Criteria

In looking for a baby sitter that is suitable and in accordance with the wishes, you can ask for recommendations from friends or family who can be trusted, so get a babysitter reliable and responsible. Enlist the help of neighbors, if you’re still new in the neighborhood. Information can also be obtained from the school or daycare nearby.

The role of a baby sitter is very important for The Little one. For it is important to meticulously choose a baby sitter to pay attention to the following things:

  • Looking for a baby sitter who is experienced
    Note the age of the baby sitter that will keep your Little one in the house, choose which has a quite mature age and not too young. Do not use the services of a baby sitter who was a teenager, or less than 14 years. In addition, the important thing also is experience in caring for children as well as the suitability of the parent and child with the personality of the baby sitter.
  • Conduct interviews 
    Although it has been get a recommendation from a friend, you should have to be interviewed first. Do not forget to prepare a list of important questions, such as the experience of parenting and caring for children and a certificate showing he had attended training baby sitter. The Baby sitter that not only can parenting and caring for children alone, but also should be able to give first aid in accidents (P3K) on the child.
  • Pay attention to the interaction with The Little one
    The time of the interview the baby sitter at home, see how he is doing direct interaction with your Little one. In addition, you can ask him what his actions if The Little one does not obey his orders or do things that are prohibited. Then for children that is great, how to baby sitter entertain or invite children to play to support growth.

Keep Observing the Baby sitter

When the first time baby sitter to work, you should be at home for a few days to keep an eye on and tell the details of the task to be done. Observe her work, how she interaction and parenting The Little one. Explain since the beginning of the what are the job and responsibilities. Do not give other work that is not his job.

Give all the information required of him, such as important phone numbers that can be contacted during an emergency and where he could seek help if you need help. Explain the daily schedule of The Little one, so could run the same schedule even if you’re not at home. Tell the baby sitter also what to avoid The Small.

Looking for a baby sitter that fits that is not easy. If you’ve got it, keep a good relationship with her so she’s comfortable and feel at home working to care for and maintain your Little one. The key is to make him feel needed, appreciated, and accepted in your house. Remember that this is a relationship of cooperation in two directions. If you respect him, he will also treat you likewise, including with his treatment of The Little one.

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