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Lose Weight Even No The Rules


Have ideal body weight of course being a dream of every people. Tidak wonder, those who suffer from overweight willingly do all kinds of different ways to lose weight and get the weight desired. However, weight loss is not a simple matter. One step, weight loss is not exactly it s able to harm Your health.

Even though weight loss quickly it does sound tempting, yet the program strict diet like this is not the right way to get the weight desired. In the process of undergoing a program of strict diet, which You will impose the reduction of the intake of certain foods in excess, in the end just make yourself overwhelmed. The lifestyle of the ‘new’ that You live with for undergo a strict diet this would be torture in the long term.

Weight Down Quick = Weight Up Fast

Ever heard of the effects of yoyo? The effects of yoyo is when the diet program gives weight loss quickly, but in the end the weight will be back as it was or even gets larger. Weight changes drastically happens on the effects of yoyo this is spotted to be the cause of several illness the physical and mental also. What?

  • Some studies show that the effects of yoyo can increase the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diseases of the gall bladder. Because of that, members of health recommend that adults who are not obese and do not have a health problem relating to the weight of the body to keep the stability of the weight to avoid the risk of disorders of the health consequences of the effects of yoyo.
  • The revelation of the weight of the body and rising back weight can give a psychological effect of the negative, such as despair and depression.
  • Girls with normal weight who suffer from the effects of yoyo for the time of adult life have an increased risk of sudden death due to heart failure as big as 3,5 times higher, whereas an increased risk of death associated coronary heart disease as big as 66 percent higher. Yet, still in more research regarding the relationship between diet yoyo with the health of the heart.

How to Lose Weight safely?

On the other hand, weight loss is around 0.5-1.5 kg per week is weight loss recommended. It does sound slow, but this step will be more effective to say that in the long term if followed with a change of lifestyle more healthy.

Ago as what way lose weight is that true? Let’s get down to how here.

  • Reduce the amount of calories consumed

The weight You have now is a reflection of the amount of calories You consumption every day. That’s why, to lose weight, You should also reduce the amount of calories You consumption every day. The one that You can do to lower the intake of calories is by consuming food vegetable, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and beans.

You could also be consuming milk-specific diet as the intake of food substitutes. In addition to low-calorie, milk-specific diet is also already equipped with a variety of vitamins and minerals so it is a better option than not eating at all. Milk diet is also considered more practical to replace the intake breakfast and dinner in undergoing a diet program.

  • Exercising on a routine basis

Some people can just lose weight without doing athletics, but the result will be more leverage if You balance it out with athletics. Athletic role burning advantages of calories in the body. The abundance of calories you burn even depends on the frequency, duration, and intensity of the sport You are doing. Athletics aerobics can be a reference suitable to burn the calories of the body.As an alternative, do the motion-the motion of small exercises whenever You get a chance, such as imitating the motion of the jump projected on the ads on the television or washing the dishes sambal a little dancing.

  • Commitment to yourself

Weight loss takes time, effort, and commitment in the long term. Be sure to yourself that You are ready to make the changes permanently towards a lifestyle more healthy. Then from that, You need to focus. On the fact that will it takes a lot of energy, good from the side mentally and physically, in changing the bad habit You before.

Weight loss should not do for fast and drastically. So that the result is satisfactory, You are able to change the lifestyle by reducing the intake of calories and multiply the physical activity. Consult to the doctor or a medical expert to get the advice of a healthy in weight loss is ideal.

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