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Your Nose Is Clogged? This is the Cause and How to overcome them


The situation of nasal blockage course make You feel uncomfortable in runs out of things. Many causes which make You suffer from a stuffy nose. Nasal congestion can happen when the tissue in the nose is disturbedDisorders can caused irritation because of inhaling the pollution of the air, well from the smoke of the connoisseur or exposure cigarette smoke. Other causes of nasal congestion are allergies, sinusitis, and infection, e.g. ISPA and influenza.

When You hit the hay or breathe the dirty air, the membrane that lines the nasal passages will be inflamed. That’s when the nose produces mucus to expel everything that bothers. Mucus repellant disorders this is what makes the nose so stuffy.


The Cause Of Nasal Congestion

As already mentioned above, the cause of a stuffy nose multifarious. Following this a more detailed explanation:

Cough due to a cold

Sigh -cough and cold frequently happen because of the availability of a foreign body such as dirt, infection or inflammation going on in the airway of the top part, namely the nose and throat. At the moment a cold, Your nose may be clogged. The common cold usually heal by itself in 7-10 days.


Flu or influenza is happening because of the virus attacking the respiratory system, such as the nose, throat, and lungs. This condition also makes it possible nasal congestion. Actually the flu also can heal itself, but if you happen to complications, complications that can harm.

Acute Sinusitis

Sinusitis acute usually grow because of a cough due to a cold. This condition actually can heal itself in 10 days time. However, at the moment of sinusitis happens, the tissue inside the nose is inflamed and swells up the nasal cavity narrows. Production of mucus can also be increased. The things that cause nasal congestion.


When the allergy sufferer is exposed by the substances causing allergy (allergens), then the body will react. Various things can happen as a result of an allergic reaction. In allergic rhinitis, happens to disorders on the respiratory system, where the production of mucus in the nasal cavity can be increased, which provoked the reaction of the sneeze-sneeze or a cold. In this condition, there is also the possibility of the nose becomes clogged.

Way Treat Nasal Congestion

There are various ways to treat nasal congestion. Some types of treatment this can be consumed to help ease the symptoms of a stuffy nose:

Drink painkillers

The drug content of paracetamol or ibuprofen can help get rid of the pain when a stuffy nose.


Antihistamines, a medication to relieve allergies and help reduce complaints of a stuffy nose.


The nature of this substance is to help reduce swelling on the nose as a result of the conditions that cause nasal congestion. Moreover, decongestants are available in the form of oral or potion to drink and nasal decongestants are sprayed into the nose.Spray the nose work more quickly compared with a drink, so the effects can be immediately felt.

Treat Nasal congestion with Nasal Spray and Nasal decongestants

  1. Nasal spray or spray of the nose is the way to overcome stuffy nose with liquid which is sprayed into the nose. The way this is done to make the inside of the nose becomes more sluggish, until the mucus becomes more dilute. Further, the nose feels more relieved.

The liquid used to spray the nose could be either a salt solution. Even though it was proven to be able to be used to help relieve a stuffy nose, You are recommended to consult first to a doctor before making this solution to spray on the nose. This is related with the right measure, and safe.

  1. Nasal decongestants: Oxymetazoline. The content of this drug works reduce the widening of the blood vessels in the nose, up to reduce the blockage in the nose. Oxymetazoline able to work on the nose was blocked due to many causes, such as cough due to a cold, the flu, allergies, and sinusitis.

How to use nasal decongestants pregnancy oxymetazoline simple enough and the effects even more quickly compared with a drink. Spray into one nostril by closing the nostril of the other. Position keep your head upright. Spray while being draws breath. Take care that liquid does not spray into the eyes. Do on the hole of the nose only. After that, clean the tip of the bottle of spray with warm water, then pat dry. Store in a dry place and prevent more from showing sun rays directly.

Don’t use too often. Its use is only recommended two times a day, every 10-12 hours. Also note the old of its application. This medicine should not be used more than three days continuously.

In addition to the drugs above, there are several ways You can do to help relieve a stuffy nose, namely:

  • Drink more fluid, so the viscosity of mucus in the nose will be reduced.
  • Breathe the steam of warm water.
  • Bath using warm water.
  • Wash face with hot towel.
  • Avoid swimming in a pool that pregnancy chlorine.

Various ways can be done to help reduce the symptoms of nasal congestion. But if You want a way to get rid of the symptoms quickly and help Your sleep more soundly, perhaps nasal decongestants can be the choice of treatment. Be sure to observe the rules adopted and takarannya, consult with a doctor if complaint persists.

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