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This Way Of Treating Facial Skin Dry, Oily And Sensitive


Look look healthy and vibrant it’s the dream of every person. It’s just some skin types, need a way treat the skin of the face more carefully. Including skin type oily, dry and sensitive.

Way to treat your skin face to three types of skin that can be done by using beauty products suitable skin type, as well as the care of other advocates.

Treat The Face Of The Appropriate Type Of Skin

Following this way of treating the skin of the face and choose a product that suits skin type :

  • Dry skin

Dry skin is marked by skin that feels rough if the feel and look scaly. Use product skin care intended for dry skin, which in nature provide the moisture the extra, especially for facial skin. From soaps, to moisturizers. Then use the sunscreen before berkegiatan outside the room every day, to prevent the effects of UV rays can make the skin increasingly loses humidity. Avoid too often are in air-conditioned room, because it make the skin becoming dry.

For facial skin is dry, choose a facial moisturizer or a moisturizer which pregnant the material-material such as alkyl-poliglikosida, lanolin, paraffin, polyethylene glycol, and surfactants silicone. To restore moisture of the skin, choose a moisturizer that pregnancy petroleum jelly to the skin of the face terhidrasi. Petroleum jelly capable of holding water on the surface of the skin and protect the skin from breaking as well as dryness. How, apply a little moisturizer to the face in one finger. Then wipe evenly to the face dry.

In addition, a way of treating facial skin dry are avoid bathing with warm water. The warm water can get rid of the production of oil in the face. Reduce bath time to be only 5-10 minutes with a frequency of bathing which is not too often.

  • Oily skin

Generally of oily skin has pores which are bigger and look shiny. Products facial cleanser pregnant salicylic acid or benzoil peroxide to help overcome the type of facial skin is oily, and acne-prone skin. The content of salicylic acid is beneficial in getting rid of the skin cells die. While the content of benzoil peroxide helps in shrink the pores which grow and prevent acne.

Treat skin that is oily and acne-prone skin can be done by using products for oily skin undertones oil-free and non-comedogenic, its purpose so that the production of oil on facial skin is not excessive, as well as does not clog pores. Regular use of moisturizer, it is beneficial to keep the skin fixed in damp conditions up to not produce excess oil. Blotting face paper could be used to absorb the oil production on the skin of the face when doing the activity.

Then keep your eating pattern healthy. Avoid food that contains a lot of oil content, fat and increases the hormone insulin-like milk and chocolate. Reduce also consumption of food with an index of glikemik high which is able to increase blood sugar quickly, such as sugar, cake, ice cream, biscuits, and drinks cans.

  • Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can feel itchy or experience a sensation of smarting like a sting. In treating sensitive skin, first try to find out nutrients anything that causes disturbances in the skin, so it can be avoided. How to treat facial skin this among other things using a facial cleanser type of cleansing milk or cream with the texture resembles milk. Cleaners of this type consists of a little water and a lot of the nutritional content that are beneficial to overcome the facial skin chapped.

After using the product cleaner, then wash with warm water. Then pat dry with a clapped-pat. Whenever possible use products that are minimal chemicals, or have a formulation that is light. Avoid acids, fragrances, and alcohol which are frequently found in products skin care face. Better select the product with the material basis of experience such as aloe, chamomile or green tea. Also limit the use of the product face to act as eksfoliator (exfoliation) because it may cause irritation.

Don’t forget the skin protection against uv exposure (UV) radiation by using sunscreen. In addition, treating the skin of the face can also be done with the handle stress and stop the habit of smoking can result in wrinkles and a dull face. Take care of the intake nutrition in diet, plenty of of consumption of white water, routine exercise and inadequate rest.

Don’t be distracted by the benefits of the product being lifted by the ads. Apply the way of treating the skin of the face suit Your skin. Select products suitable for facial skin come a lusty charming. If necessary, consultation with a doctor to determine the treatment of the face optimal.

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